Saturday, July 7, 2012

More Fun Than a Plane Full of Monkeys...

F9 Monkeys!
These Guys Represent the American Spirit, American Heroes, Patriots, one for The Gipper types, having Courage, Noble Qualities, Above & Beyond the Call of Duty, Inner strength...

Passion Purpose Patriots!
Then there are these Guys ...  Wall Street!
People with Meaningless Lives, No Sense of Real Purpose, Nothing but Money to Leave Their Kids! 
Wall Street's F9 Monkey’s...
America's Robber Barons Anti-Hero Types!
Self Centered ... The Ones that caused the Global Financial Crisis!
Pathetic Excuses for Human Beings! Regulatory Arbitrage Specialists!
Capitalizing on Imbalance and Others Bad Luck ... 
The Ones that Sold Out America and America's Allies...
Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, France, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland and more...
The Wall Street Scum That Sold Junk, i.e Interest Rate Swaps!
10's of Millions of Toxic Junk Interest Swap Contracts to  ...
- Hedge Funds
- Pension/Retirement Funds
- Insurance Companies
- Churches
- Nuns
- Towns/Cities
- Municipalities
- Schools/ Schools Districts
- Teachers
- Hospitals
- State & Local Governments 
- Individual Investors
- The list goes on and on and on...
- The World!
So how are a Plane Full of F9 Monkeys Going to Help America?
These financial geniuses embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, originality, and insight...
Exceptional Skills Selling, Customer Engagement, the Innovators, the Thinkers, the Achievers, the Strivers, the ones with Privileged Insight... 
It is Time to put this Talent and Genius on the Front Line, Forward Edge of Battle of Solving Our Debt Problem, Trade Imbalance, and Economic Woes...
It is Time for Wall Street that has stolen, taken, robbed, picked the pockets of Americans of Trillions of Dollars to give back!
It is Time for Wall Street to Break a Sweat! 
It is Time for Wall Street to cut through their Smoke and Mirrors, and their Bull Shit!
Perform for America NOT themselves!
It’s Time for Wall Street to add Sense Purpose, Compelling Passion to their Meaningless Lives! 
It is Time for Wall Street to become American Heroes, Patriots, one for the The Gipper, show courage, show noble qualities, one for America!
The Target CHINA...
Let's Buy these Wall Street's F9 MONKEYS, these people with Exceptional Selling Skills & Genius a One Way Ticket to China...
Don't let them back until their Mission is complete ....
It's Time for Wall Street to Target China the Bad Guys SOBs of the World...
The Mission - Put these Chinese Communist SOBs Out of Business!
The How?  Sell China the JUNK Wall St sold the rest of the world!
Sell it to the SOBs for a change!
Why China?
- China (Chinese Communist Partyeach year performs 12-18 MILLION ABORTIONS (depending on the yr) to control their population... 
- CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Spies Extensively on U.S. Military and U.S. Citizens in China and U.S...  
- CCP (Chinese Communist Party) does NOT permit Freedom of Religion in China. Religious Beliefs are NOT Tolerated...
- CCP (Chinese Communist Party) does NOT believe in God ... JESUS a Big NO Never! 
- The U.S. is China's #1 Customer ...  It is our money supporting the communist way of life...
- We are borrowing money from a Communist Nation who does not approve or like the American way of life  ...  The Interest on our borrowed money is supporting the China's communist way of life...
- By doing business with China we are destroying our, scientific, industrial, and manufacturing base.
- CCP (Chinese Communist Partyis a government based on deception lies, and concealing truth …
- CCP is known for its Abuse of Public Power over its citizens …
- CCP (Chinese Communist PartyNo Civil Rights or Human Rights.
- CCP's (Chinese Communist PartyMotto – Obey Unconditionally 
- CCP insists on Unconditional Conformity
- CCP (Chinese Communist PartyTop Down Government. The Politburo dictates the law.
- CCP – Controls & Manipulates all aspects of Chinese Society.
- CCP (Chinese Communist Party) believes they will UNIFY the World through Communism.
- China has over 800 million people living in poverty (Below China's Poverty Level Not Ours)
- China has the World’s Biggest Divide of Classes between rich and poor.
- CCP (Chinese Communist Partyis an evil cult
- CCP maintains the tightest control in the world on their people
- CCP (Chinese Communist Partyhas the world's large network of Cyber Spies. CCP spies on the Chinese People, U.S., U.S. Military, U.S. Citizens, and countries throughout the World.
- CCP (Chinese Communist Party) goal is to OVER THROW all governments that don't echo theirs.
One More Thing!
At the same time it is time for American's to give up their drug addiction to "Made in China" products!
Become Real Christians America! Sacrifice for GOD and Country!!!!
NOT Pocketbook "Made in China" addicted Christians!
Protect Our Good Name "The United States of America" aka The U.S.A.!
FYI - F9 is the F9 key on your computer.  For Wall St, by pressing it Credit Swaps were Created Instantly F9 Monkeys is a Wall Street term for people that sold Credit Swaps ...
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