Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ronald Reagan King of Code Talkers!

Voodoo Reagan made "Taxes" a 4 Letter Words to American's.   

Deep South's Bright Shining Star
Can YOU take 4 YEARS of Romney?
GOPs Great White Hope!
GOP Code Talkers - MMDs - Mouths of Mass Destruction! 

Match the Republican Mouth! 

1. Paul Ryan  ____       13. Glover Norquist ____

2. Eric Cantor  ____      14. Karl Rove ____

3. Donald Trump  ____   15. Darrell Issa ____

4. Newt Gingrich ____    16. Michele Bachmann ____

5. Jim Demint ____      17. Rush ____

6. Mitt Romney ____ 18. Glen Beck ____

7. John Boehner ____ 19. Donald Trump ____

8. Eric Cantor ____ 20. Ann Coulter ____

9. Dan Lungren ____ 21. Monica Cawley ____

10. Paul Ryan ____ 22. Rick Santoreum ____

11. Jeb Hensarling ____ 23. Sarah Palin ____

12. Kevin McCarthy ____ 24. Sean Hannity ___

                             25. OReilly ____
Match the Mouth! 

America's Bible Belt! Witch Bible? Who Are These Guys Trying to Kid?
- John Boehner OH (R) says Women's Healthcare is a form of Tyranny
- Tyranny? Boehner Should Look at HSPD 7 Item 2 - GOP Breaks it 24/7/365!Tyranny is illegally controlling a government!
- 2003 Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7: Critical Infrastructure ProtectionLaw Against Terrorists seek to destroy Critical Economic Infrastructure
- Boehner - How About a Congressional Investigation of 2009 GOP Economic Conspirators Meeting in DC ? Attendies Newt, Cantor, Ryan, Corker, Sessions, more ...
- The GOP Plot to Destroy the U.S. Economy - GOP Plot Started Night Of Obama Inauguration!
The GOP offers a Shadow Government, that is Racist, Targeting Blacks That Dare to Speak Up!
Starting with Nixon Racism became Rampant in the GOP!
GOP is America's Safe Haven for Racists! 
GOP is America's NEW Deep South!
GOP - Speaking the Language of the Old South!
Pro's at Race-Baiting America's White Audience! 
The Key to a Romney 2012 Win is America's White Racist Vote!
GOP NEVER mentions Republican’s disproportionate dependence on public tax dollars, or how the (white) middle-class and the rich are subsidized by the Federal government ...
What Reagan Did for America!
- Voodoo Reagan Caused US Massive Deficits & Economic Collapse by making "Taxes" a 4 Letter Words to American's.
- Reagan also Taught US How to be Racists by making it Sound Patriotic! 
- Cut Billionaire Tax Rates 1/2 Causing 1st Massive US Deficits !
- Taught US How to Borrow Trillion from China without anyone noticing.
Reagan’s Political Confidants Allies Advisers !
- Lee Atwater - Reagan's Campaign Manager in 1980s Famous for terms "New Southern Strategy" & "States Rights"
- Pat Buchanan - Reagan’s Communications Director. Famous for history of racism and anti-Semitism.-
- Jesse Helms - Reagan’s staunch Senate Ally.  Famous for history of segregationist and racist politics
- Roger Ailes - Media Advisor. Famous for racial media ads.
- Strom Thurmond - Staunch Senate ally Famous Dixiecrat-turned-GOP segregationist
- Trent Lott Staunch Senate ally. Famous Dixiecrat-turned-GOP segregationist
- Jerry Falwell - Religious Right. Opposed civil rights. Famous for using Christianity to justify Jim Crow as God-ordained because blacks were stricken with the biblical “Curse of Ham
- Ed Meese - Reagan’s Advisor and later Attorney General. Famous for giving tax-exempt status to SC's Bob Jones University and other schools practicing racial discrimination.
- William Bradford Reynolds - Associate Attorney General. Famous for disregarding the established civil rights laws.
- Jeff Sessions - Famous for referring to the ACLU & NAACP as “communist-inspired” and un-American because they “forced civil rights down our throats.”
GOP has been in bed with Communist China CCP since 1971!
- Robert Bork - Reagan's Supreme Court Nominatee. Famous for statement Civil Rights Act of 1964 as “unsurpassed ugliness”
- Dinesh D'Souza - Senior Policy Analyst. Famous for declaration that black culture is pathologically inferior to white culture
- The Washington Times - Reagan’s favorite newspaper. Famous for white supremacists editors Wesley Pruden & Fran Coombs.
- Human Events - One of Reagan's favorite reading. Famous for the book The Politically Correct Guide to the Civil War and articles supporting KKK.
The Term "Reagan Republican" is the Key to the Code!
When Your Friends say they are "Reagan Republicans" here is what they are saying ...
Reagan Code: Knew How to Make Racism Sound Patriotic, plus a few direct mentions of what he really was about with terms like:
- Coined the phase "States Rights" - Philadelphia, Mississippi 1980
Reagan opposed the 1965 Voting Rights Act  "A humiliating to the South."
- Reagan opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964
Reagan vetoed The Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1988
- Welfare Queens Lazy, Fat, Welfare queens driving their Cadillac s who game the system. Whites are NOW the NEW Reagan food stamps chiselers and welfare queens! The Truth more whites are on Welfare than blacks.
- Opposed to a Martin Luther King holiday. 
Philadelphia, Mississippi 1980 Campaign Kick Off. Phase "States Rights" racism mark first appeared. 1964 KKK 3 civil rights workers. Reagan did not mention this.
Praised Confederates and the president of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis, whom Reagan called, “a hero of mine.”
Reagan appointee US Civil Rights Commissioner William Allen gave 1989 speech titled "Blacks? Animals? Homosexuals? What Is a Minority?"
Reagan appointee Marianne Mele Hall Copyright Commsion Head berated blacks by claiming “blacks insist on preserving their jungle freedoms"
Reagan supported the apartheid government in South Africa and labeled Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress a notorious terrorist organization. 
Reagan opposed the Open Housing Act.
Newt (Reagan Republican) Code: Self Awareness, You Are Powerful, You Can Take Back America (from what?).
Newt's Favor Words ...
transfixing, rights, opportunity, hard work, liberty, share, change, opportunity, legacy, challenge, control, truth, moral, courage, reform, prosperity, crusade, commitment, common sense, compelling, confident, movement, compete, active(ly), we/us/our, candid(ly), humane, patriotic, pristine, decay, failure (fail), collapse(ing), deeper, crisis, urgent(cy), destructive, destroy, sick, pathetic, lie, liberal, they/them, unionized bureaucracy ...
Romney (Reagan Republican) Code: Anglo-Saxon Heritage, Keep America America, (one letter short of KKK slogan Keep America American), only white American's are patriotic, trees right height, America is for white American families. Is it really the Economy?
General GOP Code: White Rich Create Jobs never are the black rich referenced, Non-Whites are Unproductive and Lack Self-sufficiency, Non-Whites Living off hard-working people, Obama Un-American, was Not Born in America, Ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  US educational not sufficiently pro-American!
The GOP Even Went as Far as Sabotaging America's Economy for the last 3 years to prevent Job Creation & Economic Growth. GOP are economic terrorists, violating DHS LAWS, and Sabotaging US Economic Growth. The GOP should be placed on FBI & DHS MOST WANTED List or better yet Arrested and Jailed!
Documented Proof of GOP Economic Conspiracy Meeting - Click Here

In GOP's Own Words - Chick Here

Sabotaging the Economy to Block or Stop Job Growth is Against the Law !!! Violation of DHS LAWS! .
It is a Form of Economic Terrorism!
The GOP House & Congressional GOP are Saboteurs & Violating Federal & Department of Homeland Security Law - Click Here for the Law!

Definition of Sabotage
If YOU Want JOBS Vote Out the GOP Obstructionist Controlled House! Obama has created 4.4 million jobs, and will create 12 million in the next 4 years if he has a Democratic House! OBAMA for Honest, Smarter, Simpler Government!