Sunday, September 25, 2011

Empty Pockets ...

Compared to Other Nations Are We Really That Bad Off ...

The World's Biggest Debtor Nations - Percentage of GDP ...
1. Ireland - 1,382%
External debt (as % of GDP): 1,382% 
Gross external debt: $2.38 trillion 
2010 GDP (est): $172.3 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $566,756 
2. United Kingdom - 413.3%
External debt (as % of GDP): 413.3% 
Gross external debt: $8.981 trillion 
2010 GDP (est): $2.173 trillion 
Debt owed per person - : $146,953 
3. Switzerland - 401.9%
External debt (as % of GDP): 401.9% 
Gross external debt: $1.304 trillion 
2010 GDP (est): $324.5 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $171,528 
4. Netherlands - 376.3%
External debt (as % of GDP): 376.3% 
Gross external debt: $2.55 trillion 
2010 GDP (est): $676.9 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $152,380 
5. Belgium - 335.9%
External debt (as % of GDP): 335.9% 
Gross external debt: $1.324 trillion 
2010 GDP (est): $394.3 billion 
Debt owed per person -  $127,197 
6. Denmark - 310.4%
External debt (as % of GDP): 310.4% 
Gross external debt: $626.1 billion 
2010 GDP (est): $201.7 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $113,826 
7. Sweden - 282.2%
External debt (as % of GDP): 282.2% 
Gross external debt: $1.001 trillion 
2010 GDP (est): $354.7 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $110,479 
8. Finland - 271.5%
External debt (as % of GDP): 271.5% 
Gross external debt: $505.06 billion 
2010 GDP (est): $186 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $96,197 
9. Austria - 261.1%
External debt (as % of GDP): 261.1% 
Gross external debt: $867.14 billion 
2010 GDP (est): $332 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $105,616
10. Norway - 251%
External debt (as % of GDP): 251% 
Gross external debt: $640.7 billion 
2010 GDP (est): $255.3 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $137,476 
11. Hong Kong - 250.4%
External debt (as % of GDP): 250.4% 
Gross external debt: $815.65 billion 
2010 GDP (est): $325.8 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $115,612 
12. France - 250%
External debt (as % of GDP): 250% 
Gross external debt: $5.37 trillion 
2010 GDP (est): $2.15 trillion 
Debt owed per person - : $83,781
13. Portugal - 223.6%
External debt (as % of GDP): 223.6% 
Gross external debt: $552.23 billion 
2010 GDP (est): $247 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $51,572 
14. Germany - 185.1%
External debt (as % of GDP): 185.1% 
Gross external debt: $5.44 trillion 
2010 GDP (est): $2.94 trillion 
Debt owed per person - : $51,572 
15. Greece - 182.2%
External debt (as % of GDP): 182.2% 
Gross external debt: $579.7 billion 
2010 GDP (est): $318.1 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $53,984 
16. Spain - 179.4%
External debt (as % of GDP): 179.4% 
Gross external debt: $2.46 trillion 
2010 GDP (est): $1.37 trillion 
Debt owed per person - : $60,614 
17. Italy - 146.6%
External debt (as % of GDP): 146.6% 
Gross external debt: $2.602 trillion 
2010 GDP (est): $1.77 trillion 
Debt owed per person - : $44,760 
18. Australia - 138.9%
External debt (as % of GDP): 138.9% 
Gross external debt: $1.23 trillion 
2010 GDP (est): $882.4 billion 
Debt owed per person: $57,641 
19. Hungary - 120.1%
External debt (as % of GDP): 120.1% 
Gross external debt: $225.24 billion 
2009 GDP (est): $187.6 billion 
Debt owed per person - : $22,739 
20. United States - 101.1%
External debt (as % of GDP): 101.1% 
Gross external debt: $14.825 trillion 
2009 GDP (est): $14.66 trillion 
Debt owed per person:$48,258
One of the biggest contributors to America's status as debtor is the availability of inexpensive manufacturing capabilities in China, as more and more U.S.-based businesses spend vast amounts of money in Communist China for that purpose ...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

GOPs 2012 Convention in Tampa ...

The Nightly News last week said the Presidential campaign spending is projected to be $5.5 billion for 2012 ... In 2008 it was $4.5 billion ...
Tampa is hoping the GOP spend a billion or two in Tampa Bay when the GOP comes for their for convention in the Summer 2012 ...  Probably will be spent on TV and marketing in NY or LA ...
Keep your eyes & mind open ... I watched a program on Nixon on PBS and how he was the first candidate to take advantage of the Old South race vote in 1968 and Dems converting to GOP after LBJ promo-ed the blacks in the 1960s ... No wonder GOP wants to get rid of PBS ...  
Nixon cut a deal with Strom Thurmond to win the race vote in the southern states in the 1968 to win the election ...
I wondered where all those Southern Republicans came from ...
After seeing that program on Pres Nixon, I decided to do some research on my own ...
Why did Republicans pick Tampa for their convention ...
Is there a hidden agenda ? ...
Remember Radicals can be Right, not all are Left Liberals ...
More research to follow ...
Florida is NOT all sunshine and orange juice, there is a hidden Florida.  Florida has long been a stronghold for the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan the strongest realm in the nation. Florida was confederate state during the Civil Was and was the main supplier of food to the confederacy. During the Great Depression years 1930s klans membership saw a decrease nationally. Florida however remained strong. Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa had the most powerful klaverns. A former Imperial Wizard who testified before congress confirmed the above. Florida Groups are categorized as Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazi, Racist Skinhead, Christian Identity (many far right churches in FL encourage it), Black Separatist, Other and Neo-Confederate.
Current Day 2011, FLORIDA has 39 of these Groups ... More of these groups than any other state ...
TX is number #2 MS is number #3 ...
Current Klan splinter divisions have grown substantially since the 2008 election of U.S. President Barack Obama, the first African-American to hold the office,  the Klan has expanded its recruitment efforts to white supremacists at the international level.  Current membership estimates by the ADL hold at a national estimate of ten thousand (10,000 U.S. Citizens unfortunately).
Personality wise people associate with these groups will only be polite (nice) if you have money or time you can donate to their cause.  Otherwise they treat you like you don't belong in their town. They want more like themselves not more like you ...

Southern Values
Southern States According to US Census
Southerners are more conservative than non-Southerners in several areas including religion, morality, international relations and race relations.  Today, the American South has more electoral votes than ever, due to an increase in population. 
Extreme Patriotism GW Bush 
Extreme Patriot
The increasing influence of the region. Southernism had gained prominence under the George W. Bush presidency. They accredited many concepts such as frontierism and extreme patriotism in the form of aggressive foreign policy, as well as pro-life and anti-international trade sentiments more or less exclusive to the American South.  Extreme Patriotism refers to an extreme type of patriotism with excessive bias in judging one's own country as superior, an extreme form of nationalism. It is sometimes referred to as exceptionalism which is the perception that a country, society, institution, movement, way of life, or time period is "exceptional".  In other words and in practice, in today's world a country's advocation of the use of threats or actual force against other countries in order to safeguard what it perceives as its national interests. 
Conversion Southern Values & Proselytizing Techniques Use By These Groups ...
UDC in Richmond Virginia 2011 …

Enough To Make You Want To Throw Up …
If You Come Across One of These … Feel Free to Throw Up on It
UDC left no stone upturned to insure that the next generation was motivated to honor and uphold the values of the Confederate generation as they had.  What is UDC ? United Daughters of the Confederacy. The UDC is mostly comprised of elite southern women, (SCV for men) who memorialized dead Confederate solders and society they fought to preserve. The UDC led the way in commemorating and preserving the ideals of the Old South. UDC perpetuated the traditions and values of the Old South including white supremacy and racial segregation.
The Confederate Culture dominated America’s historical memory of the Old South and the Confederacy for decades and was not dislodged until the rise of modern Civil Rights movement.  Unfortunately the UDC accomplished more in peacetime than their Confederate forebears had failed to achieve in the Civil War.
By playing prominent roles in southern public life, and championing the region’s conservative social and racial values, sponsored essay contests, offer college scholarships to descendents of Confederate veterans, and celebrating the role of Confederate women during the Civil War.
Above on UDC was obtained from books by Karen Cox who was recently on  Karen L. Cox is associate professor of history at the University of NC. Author of two books Dixie's Daughters and Dreaming of Dixie.  .
Current day conversion techniques encountered in the Tampa Bay area… By definition proselytizing (verb) is the act of attempting to convert people to another (their) opinion and, particularly, another religion or political beliefs. Of course if you have loads of money or represent potential of large monetary rewards for them, all of the below goes away ...
.Cloning from my own personal experience is being encouraged to be and act like a Southerner. 
- Talk Over or Double Talk and what is it. Freedom of Speech not really ... not in the Southern U.S..  Useless you express an option similar to theirs.  If you do not ... they talk over you as you are trying to speak (rude but effective) and/or double talk what you are saying.  That is repeat back what you said but twist the meaning to fit their personal needs...
- Shake It Up Baby a technique used to unnerve the non-believer in Southern Culture. Stalk, track, trail, pursue, shadow, tail or hound.  Will appear magicly when you go out for a walk or to your car or stare out the window if you do not expound their way of life. By definition ... Stalking is a term commonly used to refer unwanted, obsessive attention by an individual or group to another human being. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation, and may include following the victim in person and/or monitoring them via the Internet. The word stalking is used, with some differing meanings, in psychology and psychiatry and also in some legal jurisdictions as a term for a criminal offense. According to a 2002 report by the National Center for Victims of Crime, "Virtually any unwanted contact between two people that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can be considered stalking
- Paranoia Any thing that does not benefit them directly is considered a threat to their way of life. In other words speak softly but carry a powerful message.
- No Inquiring Minds in the South. One of my favorite topics like most men is women.  Having lived for 30 plus years in the Western U.S.  I was surprised how Southern women view the world ... For lack of a better description they view it from a very narrow view (box-like). They consider PBS and major TV media news as tainted and inaccurate.  No inquiring minds here.  If it is not in the Bible or given to them from a church pulpit, they consider it wrong. Secular topics, they will not discuss. A very closed society and completely closed perspective on life (not open minded to well known or scientific facts). A very scary society ...
- On another unrelated topic ... Personal hygiene is a big issue to me personally and constantly come across it daily in southern women and men.  I travel to local business offices, doctor offices, various places of business, supermarkets, public libraries, and classes at one of the local colleges.  College kids and/or 35 younger women seem OK and bath and smell great. However, beware of the over 35+ crowd.  Just standing next to them can be a new adventure in aroma therapy, odor and or smell. Plus weight gain does not seem to bother them. Women over 35 most are mostly BBW  (counting calories is not their strong point) not in the south.  
Modern Day Evangelicalism
Southern Values (the Southern Way) is Not Evangelical …
Think back to 1940s and 1950s … What was the South about …
Preserving a way of life, the white way of life …Not Really Spreading the Good News of the Christ and Word of God …
More or less Billy Graham and Harold John Ockenga started modern day Evangelicalism in New England in the 1950s.  Graham mainly thru use of TV and his Crusades brought it to the forefront of American Society.
President Nixon brought American Voters to the Crusades …
President Nixon to save his presidency brought high visibility to himself appearing at Graham Crusades appearing to be a believer to the American voter.  I guess you could say Nixon started moving religion or religious interests into American politics. Americans in search of honest government “a unicorn at best” started gaining momentum. Nixon coined the phase “Silent Majority” connotation of religious right.  Later change “Moral Majority” by Jerry Falwell televangelist and a conservative commentator to explain opposition to President Carter (southerner) stand on pro-abortion. Carter’s abortion stand and equal rights for women really were the two factors that brought religion into U.S. politics.  Reagan a media savvy candidate endorsed the Christian Collation and we were off to the religious races in DC.  Outside of acknowledging the Bible is a great book left and his personal honesty the question is was Reagan a true Christian.  
With Reagan success, and the publics high interest in religion, Pat Robinson televangelist and a conservative commentator decided to run for President and was doing well until 1988 when Jim Baker scandal broke and the big money salaries televangelists were making, some in the millions were printed in the newspapers.  That ended Robinson popularity and US Voter started looking moderate away from religious right to Geo Bush Sr a moderate.  Sr got elected then the recession plus inviting gays to the White House ended Sr's political career.
Clinton ... more to follow ... 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

206 Billion Dollars For What ...

Iraq's Giving the U.S. a Big Thumbs Up !!!
To date we have spent $206 Billion on rebuilding Iraq's Infrastructure schools and old government buildings ...
And ...
$40 Billion on putting Iraq's and Afghan's to work ...  Most of the money was just handed out and they never worked one day ...
Another $60 Billion hand out to officials in those two countries ...
Bush Administration's Idea ...
Started and handed out primarily during Bush's 8 yrs in office ...
The U.S could really use this money back ...
Is either of these countries going to help us .. Paying back for what we sacrificed ?
The answer to the question NO ...
Are these countries really close to real democracy or just mock-democracies ...
Answer NO ...
More was done with Facebook for FREE in the Middle East than all our wasted billions ...
Remember if we did this in our country giving our citizens a leg up to simulate the economy ...
Republicans would be starting the next civil war with real bullets ...  
Beware of what is called a Christian with a Republican Label on it ... 

Traditional Republicans love flag waving, and talk constantly about the need to keep our troops deployed ...
Is a U.S. military presence around the world really working or is it creating more problems ?
It is also very very expensive
Real costs are hidden from U.S. taxpayers multiply the current military budget by 4 for actual cost ...
What is a true conservative politician ...  Simply put ..

A True Conservative Politician tells the truth to U.S Taxpayers …

What is worst than tax and spend liberal President ?
A Borrow and Spend Lying Conservative President and Vice President ?
Who ??? Bush & Cheney …
Burned through Clinton 6 trillion surplus …
Borrowed another 8 trillion from Communist (a communist country) China, OPEC Members, and Japan …
(Borrowing started with President Reagan & Bush Sr the only difference is Reagan paid it back GW Bush did not) ...
Can you really trust Republicans to run our country ?
Just more lies about how honest they are ...
And both ...
Bush & Cheney kept telling the U.S. Taxpayer the U.S Economy was doing Great ... It was all Borrowed Money and Unregulated Derivatives ... Junk Products GW Bush (Christian?) allowed to be sold to the World …
GW BUSH ... Lair Lair …
It was all borrowed Communist & Terrorist (OPEC) Money !!!
Worst Yet ... It is a sin to hide behind the Bible ... Republicans hide behind the Bible ..
Who was the 1st President to pay our Military with borrowed Communist & OPEC Money ?
Paid our Military with Borrowed Communist & OPEC Money ...
With money from Communist China and Saudi Arabia (not a Democracy) ... 
Never told the US Taxpayer ...
Republicans distort the truth ... They are NOT Conservatives ...
By being a Republican and supporting this behavior, you are destroying our country ...