Friday, June 29, 2012

RomneyCare aka "OutOfPocketCare" "BadCare" Details …

20,000 Federal Fire Fighters Are NOT Insured! Will be Insured Under Obama Affordable Heath Care!  GOP Congress & GOP Governors say Heroes, Too BAD but NO Healthcare for American HEROES ..

Percentage of people without health insurance coverage by state, according to the United States Census Bureau(2009)
  20–27%    16–20%    14–16%    10–14%    4–10%

GOP Congress & GOP Governors say *NO MONEY NO HEALTHCARE* 
GOP Lies And says YOU and American Business Will be Force to Pay a Tax ...
The TRUTH - NO Tax on Business & Individuals, Just Free Riders!
Obama "Those who can afford health insurance should take the responsibility to buy health insurance, those that can't and have their own insurance can OPT out."
The Only Way to STOP the GOP Nut Cases & Lairs is WIN BACK the U.S. House ...  Put Nancy Back Incharge ...
From Romney’s Own Website …

GOP Puppets Imposing Their Billionaire Buddies Will on American! Billionaire's Say NO Insurance for YOU USA!
Only 2% of USA Will Pay Obamacare Tax Who Are They "The RICH Free Riders!" GOP LIES to America! Again!
On his first day in office, Mitt Romney will issue an executive order that repeals Obamacare.  In place of Obamacare, Mitt and Congress will give each state the power to craft a health care reform plan that is best for the good of the state.  Based on the Congressional Record since 2000 this will probably take years to implement … 
In the mean time … Pandemonium Turmoil Confusion Mayhem Chaos Bedlam for Seniors, Elderly, Sick, Disabled …
- RomneyCare Will Reduce Insurance Company Costs and INCREASE Your Healthcare Costs ...
- RomneyCare YOU Purchase Your Own Healthcare from select lists of Healthcare companies provided to you by your state governments.
- RomneyCare will have High Deductibles
- RomneyCare all Healthcare Services, i.e. Doctor Visits, Hospital Stays, etc are all CoPay!  Out of YOUR Pocket …
- RomneyCare – The END To FREE – NO MORE FREE CARE … Every Time You Go to a Doctor YOU WILL PAY Something …
- Romney’s Goal – He Wants YOU to Feel the PAIN! - He wants YOU, each and everyone of us to develop a concern, and be concerned about the HIGH COST of Healthcare! From Romney’s Book NO Apology …
- RomneyCare will BLOCK grant Medicaid and other PAYMENTS to states.
- RomneyCare - Deregulation of Ins Companies - will LIMIT federal LAWS, standards and requirements on Private INSURANCE COMPANIES, and Medicaid coverage.
- RomneyCare will DOUBLE the Number of UNINSURED, prior to Obamacare by the use of public-private partnerships, exchanges, and subsidies …
- RomneyCare LIMITS coverage of Chronically Ill, creates high-risk pools, reinsurance, and risk adjustment groups to keep costs down.
- RomneyCare will LIMIT what doctors, clinics, and hospital can to sued for to around $500,000, law suites will be limited to amount of doctors malpractice insurance.  Result BAD Doctors and Poorly Run Hospitals will remain in Business.
- RomneyCare will DISCOURAGES LAW SUITES by creating NON-litigation alternatives to dispute resolution.
- RomneyCare will PROMOTE Co-Pay-INSURANCE More Out of YOUR POCKET NOT the Insurance Company’s Pocket. In health insurance, coinsurance is sometimes used synonymously with copayment, but is defined differently a copay is typically fixed while the coinsurance is a percentage that the insured pays after the insurance policy's deductible is exceeded up to the policy's stop loss.
- RomneyCare Taxes on Doctor & Hospital Bills Paid Health Insurance …
- RomneyCare Un-Insured could reach as high as 52 million
MORE Facts on GOP BadCare!

GOP Healthcare Plan 3 Million Insured 52 Million Uninsured!
GOP Healthcare Plan ATTRACTS & Encourages BAD DOCTORS & Hospitals - CAPS MALPRACTICE LAW SUITS at $250,000!
GOP Healthcare Plan CAN DENY COVERAGE to People with PRE-EXISTING Health Conditions! i.e Diabetes ...
GOP Healthcare Plan Insurance Companies CAN DROP YOUR COVERAGE When You Get Sick! 
GOP Healthcare Plan Lifetime CAP on Coverage If YOU Get Really Sick! GOP Insurances STOPS at $500K! 
GOP Healthcare Savings Accounts have High Deductible Health Insurance, Limited Benefit Specific Coverage, Heavy Penalties Early Use!
GOP Healthcare Insurance Across State Lines BAD IDEA "TRICK CARE" - Cheap But Few Benefits!
GOP Healthcare Plan Unlimited HIGH ADMINISTRATIVE OVERHEAD with Obamacare 80% Must be Spent on YOU!
Romney Website Healthcare Link ...
Please Vote Lairs Out of Office ...
A Gallery of Famous U.S. Dummies ...
Edgar Bergen with his Dummies Charlie McCarthy & Mortimer Snerd
Senor Wences with His Dummy Johnny
Shari Lewis with her Puppets Lamb Chop & Charlie Horse
Paul Winchell & His Dummy Jerry Mahoney
The GOP House, GOP Congressional Leaders, and the presumed GOP Presidential Nominee are Dummies for U.S. Billionaires!
GOP Billionaire Puppet & Dummy PAUL RYAN (R) WI U.S. House of Representatives GOP Congress

GOP Billionaire Puppet & Dummy Eric Ivan Cantor (R) VA US House of Representatives GOP Congress

GOP Billionaire Puppet & Dummy DARREL ISSA (R) CA US House of Representatives GOP Congress

GOP Billionaire Puppet & Dummy John Boehner (R) OH Speaker US House of Representatives GOP Congress

GOP Leader Boehner Admits GOP Has NO Plan To Replace Affordable! 
GOP Taking Away Health Care for 30+ Million Americans!

One American DIES Every 30 minutes from Lack of Health Insurance!

Lack of  Health Care Causes More Than 45,000 U.S. Deaths Annually!

GOP Leader Boehner "Patient Centered Care" "GOP OutOfPocketCare" YOU PAY Healthcare!
Lowers Government Cost, But BAD Health Care!

GOP Billionaire Puppet & Dummy Mitt Romney GOP Presidential Candidate 

GOP Billionaire Puppet & Dummy GOP Senate Minorty Leader Mitch McConnell
GOP Senate Minorty Leader Mitch McConnell says 30+ Million UNINSURED "Are NOT The ISSUE" & "The GOP Could CARE LESS!
10 Widespread EMERGING & Ongoing ISSUES in America Today!
Self Interest Groups, Unknown Political Entities, Rule By the Rich, Political Focus on Globalization ...
1. Congress Mandating 24/7 Their GOP View on What America Is or Is Not.
2. Elitist Bullies & Bull Horns, TV Radio, Mouths of Mass Destruction MMDs Broadcasting 24/7 Right Wing Propaganda.
3. Obstructionists, GOP Blocking Job Programs & American Money Being Spent on Americans.

4. Fact Distortion & Half-Truths by the GOP Congress, Governors, and State Officials.
5. Paid Lobbyists & GOP Big Bucks Speaking for America NOT the American Voter. 
6. Congress Voting Their Own Personal Agendas. Not the Will of the People. Political Sell Out of America!
7. Right Wing Defying Laws if it Doesn't Match Their Agenda - Religious Right Chaos Agenda for America.
8. GOP Portrayal of those who support an Opposing Viewpoint as Non-Patriots or Non-American.
9. Big Bucks Billionaires Running Congress, Washington, and America.
10.Political Focus on Shipping American Jobs A World Away. Destruction of the American Middle Class, Way of Life & US Culture.

Vote for "Made in the USA" ...
America was #1 in Manufacturing, Education, Military, Everything ...
Until the GOP Political Sell Out of America to China by President Richard M Nixon in 1971!  The GOP to this day continues to Sell Out America!

What is Solution ...
Want to Stop All of the Above  ...
VOTE NO on Republicans for Political Office ...
NO More NUTS ...

Fact - GOP Billionaire Business Globalization Includes American Money But NOT Americans ...