Friday, May 9, 2014

America a Nation Forsaken ...

The 20 US Cities With The Worst Roads ...
How 4 Republican Presidents Destroyed the US Economy, American Middle-Class and US Infrastructure ... (see end of this blog)

Major Jobs Bills Blocked by Dead Beat Boehner's GOP!
- Veterans Benefits & Pay Restoration Act 2014
- Minimum Wage Increase Blocked 
- American Jobs Act
- Bring Home Jobs Act 
- Small Business Jobs & Tax Relief Act
- Teachers & First Responders Back to Work Act of 2011
- Obama's Proposed $302 Billion Bill for Improving Infrastructure 
CRUZ R-TX & GOP Tea Party's Government Shutdown COST America $30 Billion & 1 Million JOBS!  And Dropped America Credit Rating from AAA to AA making it harder to Create Jobs!

Bad Roads & POTHOLES Cost DRIVERS an EXTRA to $1000 Per YEAR!

100's of Thousands of Potholes Across 5 States MN IA ND SD MT ...
U.S. Cities With Most Drivers Crossing Dangerous Bridges ....
FORBES America's Worst Bridges!
America's Most Dangerous Bridges
The 10 Pieces of U.S. Infrastructure We Must Fix Now

Solar Flares could Knocked Out Our Power ....


NORTH KOREA’S Looming EMP Attack & CHINA's Cyber Attack THREAT!

A near miss for Earth: Solar flare that could have knocked out power, cars and phones came so close   GOP No Money to Fix IT!

How 4 Republican Presidents Destroyed the US Economy & the American Middle-Class ...
1968 - 99.9% of Everything on Store Shelves in America was Made in the USA!
1968 - Rich Paid Their Fair Share of Income Tax.
1968 - Lowest Real Unemployment Ever.
1968 - America was #1 
In 1969 - Republican RICHARD NIXON Became President!
1971 - Republican Nixon signed 1st China Trade Agreement. 
Chinese Goods Started to Slowly Flow into America!
Nixon also Created HMOs ...
Took the US Off the Gold Standard ...
And created OSHA & EPA so we could not compete!
1981 - GOP Reagan  ...
- Cut Rich Income Tax in 1/2. 
- America's Tax Revenue was NO Longer enough to Pay Our Bills. 
- First Massive Debt Ever.  
- Reagan Borrows Foreign Money  $1 Trillion to Pay Our Bills from Japan & Saudi Arabia!
- First time ever US borrows Foreign Money.
- Reagan Dumps Money into US Economy creating an Economic Boom!
- Claims tax cuts created boomReagan's Lie ...
- In truth ... It was borrowed $1 Trillion & massive government spending on military that created boom...
- Reagan signs Huge China Trade Agreement  ...
- First Step in putting the Flood of Chinese Goods on US Retailer shelves ...
- and Massive Flood of America Technology going to China ...
- Made in China!
1984 Where the In-Balance of Trade With CHINA Started!
Actual Video of Reagan Signing Very First Trade Agreement!
- Thank you, Premier Zhao!
Reagan's Remarks at the Signing Ceremony for United States-China Titanic TRADE AGREEMENT April 30 1984 

Reagan deregulated the transfer of U.S. technology to China, a communist country … via several Sino-US Trade Agreements starting in 1984 i.e metallurgy, telecommunications, electronics, aviation products, advanced equipment for making advanced integrated circuits, scientific instruments, high-tech products, military technology, and space technology.
What occurred was … “The largest transfer and sale of technology the world has ever seen.” …
Reagan rejected “protectionism” policies of that protected our industries endangered American US Industries, such as .. textile, apparel, steel, auto. 
 Reagan said it went against his conservative principals.
Ronald Reagan on Free Trade & Protecting US Manufacturers! 
DON'T Protect It...
The GOP View on Protectionism ... It is Destructionism!
- Reagan creates North America Free Trade Agreement ...
- NAFTA starts Flood of Mexican & Canadian  goods on US Markets to complete with US manufacturing firms ...
1992 - George Bush Sr
NAFTA Signed Into Law & Implemented ...
- Millions of Jobs go North & South of US Borders ....
- NAFTA Forced 80,000 US Manufacturing Companies to CLOSE!
2000 -Clinton leaves office US in Good Shape  ...
- One Trillion Budget SURPLUS
- Zero Debt !  
- Social Security & Medicare Solvent 
- Low Low Unemployment.
2001 - GOP Geo W Bush took office. Government spending started.
- Trillions spent on Unfunded War spending. 
- A Trillion for a Unfunded Prescription Drug Program.
Tax Revenues cut multiple times with 6 Income Taxes cuts. 
- Bush told America Reagan Style Tax Cuts were Good for America, we needed more! 
Trickle Down would create jobs private sector jobs.
- Tax Revenues now only small portion of Money Needed to Pay Our Bills.
- Massive Deficits now growing exponentially.
- Borrowed Trillions in Foreign Money from around the world to pay U.S. Bills. Mostly China.
- And Bush just kept spending.
- Massive flood of Chinese Goods. Largest flow of Chinese Goods ever.
- Expanded 2 Wars.
Trillions in Foreign aid to Iraq & Afghanistan. So much forklifts were needed to unload U.S. Dollars from cargo planes.  In payments to Iraq & Afghanistan officials and people.
- Unregulated Financial Market the Collapse of Wall Street and creation of F9 Monkeys .... 
Bush's lack of government over site of America's Robber Barons that initiated the Global Financial Crisis. Wall Street Sold Junk to America and America's Allies.  Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, France, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland and more. 10's of Millions of Toxic Junk Interest Swap Contracts.
2009 - By the time Geo W Bush left office ...
Medicare & Social Security were Insolvent.
- The U.S. was losing jobs at the rate of 800,000 per month. 
- Everything on Store Shelves in America Now Made in the China!
- Bush left us with Massive Debt and a Collapsed Depression Level Economy!
2012 - 90% of the Current U.S. DEBT is Republican DEBT. 
The Debt from 2001 to 2009 came from two Unfunded Wars, a Unfunded Prescription Drug Program,  Unfunded Massive Gov Spending Programs, plus the Wall St & Bank Bailout as well as NAFTA ending US manufacturing base revenues and new China Trade Deals ending more US Jobs ...