Saturday, December 15, 2012

Hold On To Your Lug Nuts It's Time For an Overhaul!

LaPierre Twisted Psychotic Disconnected with Mainstream America Wayne LaPierre NRA Chief is Fighting For the Rights of Mass Murders and the Spread on Guns in the U.S.!  


Wayne LaPierre's Speach Friday 12-21-2012 Made Lots of Claims ... Most Were False ...
NRA's National School Shield is AFTER THE FACT! Armed GUN MAN is at the SCHOOL's DOOR!
What we really need is to STOP the Armed Gun Man before he gets to a School’s Door!
NRA’s National School Shield! What NRA is Offering America is a PROTECTION RACKET so they can sell MORE GUNS!
More Guns for America "The Valley of Death"
America "The Valley of  DEATH!" 
33,000 GUN DEATHS 2012 !
New Sadistic Tourist Attraction?

------------------------------------------------------------------------------NRA is Running a Protection RACKET says UNIVERSITY of MINNESOTA
Professor Richard Painter!
Background Checks, Prevention, Avoidance, Deterrent Programs, Screening, Interrupt, Impede Sale of More Guns!
.FORBES - LaPierre Twisted Psychotic Disconnected with Mainstream America !
LaPierre NRA Chief is Fighting For the Rights of Gun Manufacturers and Spread on Guns in America! 
NRA THINK Like We Do and We Will Protect You! DON'T and We'll Be the Meanest SOB's in the America's Valley of Death!
. ...............................................................................................................................
NRA School Safety Net Head Asa Hutchinson!
Asa Hutchinson RAISED "THINK Like ME!" or I'll Be ONE Mean SOB! 
Number of GUNS per Capita by Country
GUN Violence in the United States by State!
10 Ways to STOP GUN VIOLENCE in America Listed at End of This Blog ...
The Mask - Cover Up - NRA National Riffle Association= GOP 
 88% of NRA PAC Money Goes to Republican Candidates 
NRA Doesn't Background Check Members
Safe Harbor for Gun Owners with Outstanding Warrents & EX Felons!
$35 Gets You NRA Membership, Shooter's Cap, Choice of Shooter Magazines, NRA Membership CARD and CAR Window Decal!

Un-Registered Gun Owner

Republicans say You Must Be Packing Heat to Be President!
Ronald Reagan - Gipper
President Geo W Bush - GOP 2 Thumbs Way Up

Republicans say You Must Be Packing Heat to Be Vice President!
If You Are Coming to AMERICA!
Republicans say COME Packing Heat!
"It makes America a Safer Place"
U.S. has an average 88.8 guns per 100 people, the highest gun-ownership rate in the world! Republicans say 2 Thumbs Up!
GOP says We Need the RIGHT to CARRY This Type of GUN!
Gun Facts ...
- 270 to 300 million GUNS owned by Americans!
- The Majority of GUN OWNERS are in Republican States !
- 45 million - Number of Americans estimated to own handguns.
- 16.8 million - Number of background checks for gun sales in 2012.
- 8.5 million - Number of background checks for gun sales in 2002.
- 154,873 - The record number of background check calls the FBI reported receiving on Black Friday this year.
- 700 to 2000 - Cost of a .223-caliber semi-automatic rifle, which some reports indicate was the type of firearm used in the attack in Newtown, CT.
- 200 Percent profit boost for gunmakers since Obama was elected in 2008.
- 96 Percent of the $3 million that gun lobbyists donated during the 2012 election that went to Republicans.
- 87 Percent of children killed in the 23 wealthiest nations who are American.
- 80 Percent of gun deaths from the 23 wealthiest countries that are American deaths.
- 78 Percent of Americans who favored making the sale of firearms “more strict” in 1990.
- 62.8 Percent of people who own guns in Wyoming, the state with the highest rate of gun ownership in the U.S.
- 62 Percent of 125 online sellers who said they "probably couldn't pass a background check."
NRA & GOP Hiding Behind a Mask - Who Was That Masked Man?  
- 47 Percent of Americans who report owning a gun.
- 44 Percent of Americans who favored making the sale of firearms “more strict” in 2010.
- 40 - 45 Percent of U.S. households that own a gun.
33 - Percent increase in Winchester’s ammunition sales since 2007.
*** 16.2 - Percent of people who own guns in Connecticut.
Mayors Against Illegal Guns ...
Boenher NO Comment on Sandy Hook said OBAMA Speaks for America on Assault Weapons Ban...
Emotional Geraldo on FOX on Sandy Hook Shooting "Every School Should Have Armed Guards & Armed the Teachers"

Geraldo on FOX O'Reilly said "Teachers Should be Trained to Shoot! - Shoot What ? Kids?  Another GOP Wacko ...
AFT American Federal of Teachers - Suggestions for Parents of Kids School Age
Psycho Dad is the man with an itchy gun who kills for fun
Profile of an American Gunner - Gun Owner ...
- Most American Gun Owners consider Guns are an American pastime. A way to feed and protect self and family.A way of life.
- Traditionalist believes in traditional values. God Country, Family, and Friends. Most believe in American exceptionalism, a No-Compromise Approach to life.
- Owns guns for protection, recreational shooting, competition, hunting and investment.
- With a gun now feels confident knowing he/she could defend him/herself against a violent criminal.
- Firearms are a way of life .

- Gives them superior feeling ... Now have more power than average guy.
- Believes his/her view of Life is the right view and stands his/her ground when opposing views are presented.
- His/her relationship with firearms evokes powerful emotions almost like a close friend.
- If threatened they will go for their gun.
- Most try to keep up on gun legislation at the federal, state and local levels.
GUN Training in the US Military - NOT in CIVILIAN LIFE ...
In the second week of military training you are introduced to your riffle/gun in the military. For a week of you get to learn how to hold it, point it, take it apart, clean it, put it back together, take it apart again, put it together again,
again again again. Gun storage. You learn Respect for the gun.

The third Week more training/practice taking your rifle apart, and putting it together.

4th week Gunfighter Phase. in this phase three weeks of Phase II, you'll spend most of your time on various ranges. You'll start with basic M16A2 shooting (just try to hit the targets), and move on to farther targets, pop-up targets, grenades, grenade launchers, and more
Anyway you get the Idea in the military lots of time is spent on Training and learning about Guns ....

When you buy a gun over the counter NONE of the above happens ...
It is up to the Buyer/Now Gun Owner to learn about YOUR GUN.


HOW to STOP GUN VIOLENCE in America ...
40000 Gun Related Deaths in America per Year are Way to Many ..
1. SECURE ALL GUNS in America. 
   If shooter's mother in NEWTOWN had kept her guns locked up IT Never would have happened!   LAWS to ensure GUN owners keep GUNS locked up and required training on how to safely secure guns and dangers of guns.   ONLY GUN Owners should have access to their GUNS.  GUN STORAGE SEAL OF APPROVAL. Annual Inspection with required SEAL of approval annually on owners gun storage areas done by state certified inspectors.
2. A Course on GUNS, covering GUN Storage, GUN Safety, for first time buyers. A Basic Training course smiliar to ones in the Military given on Guns. Course 8-16 weeks long 4-6 hours per week. Course should also cover the HISTORY of GUN VIOLENCE in America, and extensive HANDLING on firing range in course.
3. GUN Training Course should be Taught by a Certified LAW Enforcement GUN Trainers.  Law Enforcement could also weed out potential NUTS and Wackos.
4 .The Course should have a minimum passing grade or pass NO pass test.   If your are a current gun owner and have never recieved GUN Training, then you should be required to take the course.
5. Put in place a law similar to NYC.  If someone is caught carrying an UN-registered GUN 3 yrs jail time automatic.
6. Ban Assault GUNS. Boarden Definition to include guns like AR-15 Geo W BushWacker used in Newtown shootings!
7. Psycho Test ALL Licensed Gun Owners like we Prep- Employment Test perspective employees.
8  Background checks should be required for adminsion to Gun shows and Gun Show purchases.
9. Enforce current laws.
10 GUN course  Refresher every 2 years for registered gun owners.
Gunman's Mother TYPE A Dom Mother ... Wouldn't Surprise Me if Adam Lanza was Abused at Home!

In 1960s in was the Black Panthers led to shoot-outs in California, New York, Chicago!
In 2013 it will be the NRA's White Gun Panthers!