Saturday, September 22, 2012

Middle Class ...

Middle Class, UFO's, Unicorns ...
ROMNEY's USA 1% Would Own ...
But in Reality Only 4% of People !


America's MIDDLE-CLASS is NOT About $$$ It's About the NUMBERS!
America's NEW MIDDLE CLASS ...
150+ Million American's - 50% - are Now Classified as Poor or Near Poverty!
The Book 
U.S.Census says the MIDDLE CLASS Income in the U.S. is $51,000 ... 
But is Depends on How You Definite and Who Is Defining It ....
Wealth, Social Status, Numbers, Other?
A class of people in the Middle of a Social Hierarchy!
And ...
How We View People ... Democrats Assets!  Republicans Liability!
Republican Conservatives Starting with Reagan Secretly View People as a Liability? But NOT In Public! With Romney's 47% Video the Truth Came Out!
150 Million people at or Near the Poverty Level! 
U.S. Economic History  ...
1968 - 99.9% of Everything on Store Shelves in America was Made in the USA!
1968 - Rich Paid Their Fair Share of Income Tax.
1968 - Lowest Real Unemployment Ever.
1969 - Republican GOP President Took Office.
1971 - GOP Nixon signed 1st China Trade. The Flood of Chinese Goods Started.
1881 - GOP Reagan cut Rich Income Tax in 1/2. Our Tax Revenue was NO Longer enough to Pay Our Bills. First massive Deficit ever.  First time US had to borrow foreign money. $1 Trillion borrowed to Pay Our BillsFlood of Chinese Goods Continues.
2000 - When Clinton left office approx 1 Trillion Budget Surplus, Zero Debt.  Social Security & Medicare Solvent. Low unemployment.
2001 - GOP Geo W Bush took office. Government spending started.
- Trillions in Unfunded War spending. 
- One Trillion for a Unfunded Prescription Drug Program.
Tax Revenues cut multiple times with 6 Income Tax cuts. 
- Bush told America Reagan Style Tax Cuts were Good for America, we needed more! 
- Bush said Trickle Down-Supply Side would create private sector jobs. I did NOT!
- U.S. Income Tax Revenues under Bush were only small portion of Money Needed to Pay Our Government's Bills.
- Massive Deficits grew exponentially.
- Bush Borrowed Trillions in Foreign Money from around the world to pay U.S. Bills. Mostly from China.
- And Bush just kept spending and  spending.
- Massive flood of Chinese Goods on to U.S store shelves. The Largest flow of Chinese Goods Ever!
- Expanded our 2 Wars.
Trillions in Foreign aid to Iraq & Afghanistan. So much Money forklifts were needed to unload U.S. Dollars from cargo planes.  Money was payments and payoffs to Iraq & Afghanistan officials and people.
- An Unregulated Financial Market under Bush plus poor over-site and executive management skills of Bush caused the Banks and Financial Institutions to fail and the Collapse Wall St.
- Bush's lack of government over site of America's Robber Barons that initiated the Global Financial Crisis. Wall Street Sold Junk to America and America's Allies.  Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Iceland, France, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland and more. 10's of Millions of Toxic Junk Interest Swap Contracts.
2009 - By the time Geo W Bush left office Medicare & Social Security were Insolvent. The U.S. was losing jobs at the rate of 800,000 per month. Everything on the Store Shelves in America was Now Made in China! Plus Bush left us with a Massive Debt and a Collapsed Depression Level Economy!
2012 - 90% of our Current U.S. DEBT is the result of GOP DEBT and poor  Executive Management by Bush. The Debt is from 2001 to 2009 2 Wars Unfunded, a Unfunded Prescription Drug Program,  Unfunded Massive Gov Spending Programs, plus the Wall St & Bank Bailout.
ROMNEY and Republicans Nationwide say More of the Above Please! More Patriots Like Geo W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon !!!
ROMNEY Confirms Supply Side BIG NO NO ...
Reagan Supply Side was Bad Theory - TRICKLE DOWN a LIE! 
ROMNEY Confirms this on FOX's Neil Cavuto!

What Economic Experts say ...
Tax Cuts for Rich Not Path to Economic Growth! 
Republicans have Done Their Damage ...
- Opened the Door to China! Nixon Reagan Bush
- Foreign Borrowing - Reagan Bush
- Can't Pay Our Bills - Reagan Bush - Drastic Cuts in Income Tax Revenues
No tax revenue no money to pay bills ... 
Even Dummies Like Reagan Bush should have been able to figure that out.
They did NOT have common sense.
Now Romney does NOT have common sense.
We Will Never Be Back To ...
99.9% of All Our Goods & Food Made in the USA
Why? Trade is Global - WTO - Map Click Here - See Who ...
World Trade Organization

But ...
There is Hope ...
A Few Ideas ...
- Use Natural Gas ...
- Convert all Domestic Households to Natural Gas 
- We import 5 Million Barrels of Foreign Oil Daily.
- Over the Road The Road 18 Wheelers use 5 Million Barrels of Oil Daily.
- Convert  18 Wheelers to Clean Burning Natural Gas.
- Natural Gas 1/2 the price of diesel. We control 80% of the worlds supply of natural gas.
- Cuts cost of goods delivery in 1/2.  Eliminates dependence on Foreign Oil & reduces Domestic Oil Dependence.
- T Boone Pickens Plan NOT Mine.
T. Boone Pickens says the Biggest Deterrent to his U.S. Energy Plan are the Koch Brothers owners of Koch Industries a large Oil conglomerate and Romney Supporters ...
. Romney is seeking an unrealistic oil solution.  Why unrealistic? Finite Oil Supply. Limited amount of oil nearing end. Plus OPEC and speculators control the price of oil no matter who makes it.  Add in the Environmental hazards of oil leaks and pollution. The oil used in cars and trucks is the main cause of pollution in the U.S. today.  Continuing use of oil just produces more pollution.
UFO's Yes ... Unicorns & Middle Class Maybe ...
Let's Re-Elect The President ...
- We the People ... Government by the people NOT 1%'ers.
- To date Obama has cut over One Trillion in Spending in just 3 years from our budget.
- Obama has Balanced Medicare Budget.
- Obama has a Solid plan for helping U.S. Small Business Grow.
- Obama believes Everyone should pay their Fair Share. Will Increase Taxes on the Rich to help balance the budget.
- Obama has More Tax Cuts for the Middle Class to simulate business thru consumer spending.
- Obama has Saved over Americans 3 Million from losing their homes.
- Obama has import Tightened restriction on Chinese produces and trade practices. 
- Obama implemented new Homeland Security Presidential Directives to Prevent and block Chinese Cyber Espionage. Chinese Cyber Espionage Targets the U.S. Fortune 1000 and Gives China Instant access to everyone's information, as well as corporate product information such as where to sell a product, who to sell the product to, what to sell, as well as access to our newest technology research!
- Obama has Stopped Insurance companies from dropping people with preexisting conditions.
- Obama has eliminated Over 4 Billion in fraud eliminated from Medicare thru his HEAT program.
- Obama has ended two wars.
- Obama has saved the US auto industry.
- Obama has created 4.6 Million Jobs in just 3 years.
- Obama will create 12 Million New Jobs over the next 4 yrs starting in 2013 ...