Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012 ROMNEY-RYAN! Romney's VP Pick ...

Ryan Budget WON'T BALANCE for 28 Years !
Drastic Risky Radical, Untested, Unknown Changes for America!
Ryan's Budget is a Hypothesis Theory Speculation Only! NEVER TESTED !!!
A Proposed Blueprint ... Little more than a Wish - Ryan's Hope !!!
Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Captain Summers in College
Obama Medicare Cuts $700+ Billion Comes From Pharma & Big Insurance Co's,  Romney-Ryan $700+ Billion Comes from Granny Seniors Elderly! - Click Here
Chuck Todd NBC News Challenges GOP's Granny Medicare Cuts! - Details
- Is Ryan Budget is Throwing Granny Off a Cliff? Good Bye Granny! - Click Here
- With Ryan Budget Romney Would Pay Less Than 1% Income Tax? NOT 1% But NOT Much! - Details Click Here
RYAN Budget- Huge Cuts & Changes to Medicare & Social Security, Increased Military Spending, Hugh Tax Breaks for the Rich, Result SUPER DEFICIT NOT Enough Money to Pay Government Bills!
- Ryan Budget WON'T BALANCE for 28 Years - Click Here for More
- Ryan Budget Continuation of DEFICIT SPENDING Through 2022 
- Ryan Budget Will Actually Increase Spending 4 Trillion Dollars Over the Next 5 Years - Click Here for Details 
- RYAN Budget Unknown, Untested, Theory, Hypothesis, Speculation, 
Risky, Radical, Extreme, Drastic Changes for America and US Government!
- RYAN Budget Parrot - Photographic Memory, Knows Words, NOT Effect or End Result on America.
- 2012 ROMNEY-RYAN TICKET Twilight Zone Politics - Unknown, Untested, Secrecy!
PAUL RYAN NOT CONSERVATIVE Voted for Over 5.1 Trillion in Deficit Increases! - Click Here
- RYAN was a Wiener Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Captain Summers in College
- Saboteur Ryan Violated HSPD7 

Ryan Card Carrying Member of 10% Approval Rating US Congress 
- Ryan Radical Extreme Views with a Risky Unknown Untested Budget plan.
- Ryan Plan Tax the Poor and Middle class - Pathway to Poor House
- Catholic Church says Ryan is "Trying to Dismantle Government"
- Catholic Bishops say 'Ryan Budget Mirrors Ayn Rand NOT JESUS"
- NEWT says "Ryan Budget Right-Wing Social Engineering"
- Ryan Budget REDUCED MONTHLY Social Security Payments to Seniors
- Ryan Budget NO Social Security COST OF LIVING Increases
- End Government Paid Medicare Ryan OutOfPocketCare YOUPayCare
- No Foreign Policy Experience
- MMD - Mouth of Mass Destruction says U.S. government is a form of socialism.
- RYAN is a Washington Insider 
RYAN Criticizes Working Women & Woman Rights
RYAN Participant in Jan 2009 GOP Meeting in DC. A Plot to Block Presidential actions in a word "sabotage" our government.
- Secular Philosopher Ayn Rand RYAN role model NOT Jesus!
- Ryan part of the GOP that has NO Record of Cutting Government
- Crony Capitalism - Ryan was part of GOP mob that supported increased unnecessary spending to U.S. military contractor complex and crony lobbyists.
- Ryan's Budget 
Drastic Reduces Taxes on the Rich 
- Secrets! Ryan Never Worked a Real Job Only Family Owned Business, Voted HS Prom King, Voted Biggest Brown-Noser in High School
RYAN to Hispanics Fence - NO Dream
- RYAN's Wife Janna Ryan was a TAX Attorney - Would Love to See His & Hers TAX Returns!
- Participated in GOP Block The Vote - Click Here For Details.
Ryan's GOP Endorsements ...
- Grover NORQUIST Tax Dodger
- Dick CHENEY Darkside Politics
- Bobby JINDAL Deep South Politics
- NEWT Moral Slut & GOP Street Talker


Paul Ryan - The Invisible Man
Ryan's Background! NOTHING in WRITING! NO BOOKS!
NO Biographical BOOKS Written on RYAN! Like Romney Tax Returns!  
Ryan Books Zero  zip, zilch, nada, nothing zippo!

Paul Ryan is a REAL Saboteur
Alfred Hitchcock's Saboteur was Fictional
Jan 2009 GOP Meeting Violated HSPD7 
GOP Economic Sabotage Strategy 
Caused U.S. Credit Rating Down Grade! 
Paul Ryan - Romney's VP Running Mate
Economic Sabotage
GOP Economic Obstructionist/Terrorist Meeting Jan 2009!
Newt Admits GOP Meeting to Obstruct Economy!
Ryan Violated Home 2003 Security Act HSPD7 by Attending!
Are the GOP Economic Terrorists? Click Here
- Newt Gives Details
GOP & Paul Ryan are Economic Terrorists!
Homeland Security Act of 2003 HSPD7

Economic Terrorism Section#2 and Section#6 of the Act says "Y E S !"

Section 6 says - Economic Terrorism is terrorism aimed at diminishing US economy, economic programs, efforts, activities!
Click Here -
Definition of Economic Terrorism
View Homeland Security Act of 2003 HSPD7 - Click Here
RYAN, Republican Lawmakers & GOP Strategists Conjured Up Ways to Sabotage Economy & Presidency! - Click Here for Details
More on Who, What, When, Where on this GOP January 2009 Meeting ... Click Here For Details
Book with More Details on Ryan's Sabotage Just Out 8-14-2012 - The New New Deal!
An Overview of Paul Ryan 
What Ryan represents is NOT American but None Dare Call It Treason!
A GOP poster boy for their system of avoiding taxes, outsourcing, off-shoring, top-down government, controlled by a few 1%ers, that salute the U.S. dollar NOT the U.S. flag.
The 2009 Recovery Act was a down payment on the nation’s economy never allows by GOP to be fully funded.
Ryan's first words, after being presented to America by Romney in VA at the USS Wisconsin on Sat 8-11, were NOT about family or the American People, it was about his Budget and the GOP system of politics.  The GOP system as being the ONLY true patriotic American system. Yet if we look at the GOP record it is all about destroying America's strength it's economic and manufacturing base, and funding communism with American dollars.
In 1966 I received my Engineering degree from a small but well respected Engineering college in Indiana. In 1966, 99% of everything in American, retail stores goods, car show rooms, and grocery stores across America were Made in the U.S.A.  I had so many job offers arriving in the mail daily just before graduating college, it was almost like getting Junk Mail. I was in the top 1/3 of my graduating class 3.3 out of 4.0 nothing spectacular.
In 1966, it was against the law for Americans, and American Businesses to even communicate with China, then called RED CHINA, because of it's strong communist beliefs. So here comes GOP President Nixon in 1970 waving the American Flag and system in our faces. While behind the scenes (and our backs) Nixon was secretly negotiating with Red China. GOP Nixon Opened U.S. doors to Communist China.  Nixon signed the first trade agreements and business deals with a then primitive agriculture communist country. Nixon put exceptionally good paying American jobs at risk and in competition with at then penny a day Chinese workers.
Of course it didn't take long for so-called patriotic American businesses to see the monetary potential and forget who and what they were dealing with and jump ship. The flow of cheap foreign products started to flow not only from China but all Asian countries. So called patriotic Nixon signed into law OSHA and EPA which tied the hands of America's manufacturing base.  He not only signed it into law but promoted as a good thing for America. We were now in competition with a world who didn't have to worry about the EPA or OSHA.
That was step one.  
In the late 70's, the U.S. economy in a deep recession, U.S. manufacturing at an all time low, massive manufacturing jobs layoff, cheap overseas products and imports taking a large hunk of retail, and U.S. inflation at an all time high.  Enter President Reagan waving the American flag and promoting the GOP system again like Nixon.  Reagan's Supply Side economics which in truth was cheap foreign imports. Reagan also told American’s how to sabotage the U.S. government. Reagan told America paying taxes, U.S. tax dollar were supporting U.S. socialism. In truth, U.S. dollars through trade agreements signed by Reagan with Communist China were funding the growth of the world’s largest communist government. 
Reagan cut U.S. taxes for his 1%er backers from 90% to 50% while giving a meager tax cut to middle and low income Americans, later raising their tax almost back to the original level. The 1%ers tax cuts stayed in place.  
Reagan Created Deficit 
With 1%er’s tax rates at 50% and headed lower, there was not enough tax revenue to support the on-going expenses of the U.S. government, and this created our FIRST deficit and the first need to borrow foreign money to pay our bill.  The Reagan administration was the first administration to borrow money from China.
Reagan spoke of the Evil USSR in his speeches while behind our backs Reagan sold out America to communist China, by signing trade agreements with the communists and at the same time preaching evils of Made in the USA trade unions as socialism.
With Reagan’s signing of the 1980’s trade agreements with Red China, it started the greatest flow of technology, technological information, tech secrets, and business know-how the world has ever seen between two nations China and the U.S..  
Step two was Reagan’s economic sabotage of the U.S. government.
Enter GOP Geo W Bush, who was warned by Clinton about threat of terrorism, terrorist attack, and how lucky he, Clinton, had been during his administration not to have the U.S. attacked by Mid-East extremists.
Bush ignored the terrorist warming, decided to serve the 1%er’s who had elected him, and went on his world tour of signing trade agreements world-wide, in particular with India, Japan, and China that allowed the flow of cheap imports, technology, technological information, tech secrets and more off-shoring, outsourcing.  Bush continued to tell the America people to spend, spend, spend.  The major of the U.S. economy and jobs were now retail, banking, and finance. The "velocity of money" that is according to Bush philosophy "spend it as soon as you get" made things worse. With no real stable manufacturing based jobs left in the U.S., the afterburner on deflect spending kicked in.

Bush’s contribution to the economic sabotage of the U.S. was poor presidential management of domestic issues, excessive spending, massive deficits, no credible plan to stop cyber-terrorism and raised borrowing foreign ownership of treasury bonds to new levels.  Bush’s used of Reagan’s economic model and the Nixon trade model to the extreme.
Enter Romney-Ryan. Romney the foreign policy air-head, with gyrating truths, flip flop, yo yo politics & policies, refuge for rich and 1%ers, secrecy, crooked cronyism. 
With Ryan now his side-kick, an extremist, a nut case, an obstructionist that has violated Federal Law.  The law, Bush's 2003 Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 on Economic Sabotage. Ryan says and believes the U.S. government is modern day socialism.
More Damage a Ryan's Proposed Blueprint ...
More Economic Terrorism aimed at diminishing US economy, economic programs, efforts, activities!  Ryan Budget WON'T BALANCE for 28 Years ! Drastic Risky Radical, Untested, Unknown Changes for America!  Ryan's Budget is a Hypothesis Theory Speculation Only! NEVER TESTED !!!  A Proposed Blueprint ... Little more than a Wish - Ryan's Hope !!!

Reagan's Ex-Budget Director - David Stockman says ...
"Ryan Budget Devoid of Credible Math" "Will Do Nothing To Reverse Economic Decline".
Ryan has fictionalized his personal story of living in small town America to the max and into an American success story.  While growing up, Ryan and his family often went on hiking and skiing trips in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. (Does that sound like a rages to riches story). A story of him making it on his own. In truth he succeeded with the entire support of a local community, teachers, family, grandmother and mother. A success story very similar to Obama’s in regard to his family’s support, however Obama had to build community support on his own. The difference the community support for Obama was not handed or spoon-fed to him, it was earned. 
In conclusion, Nixon-Reagan-Bush and now Ryan actions are treasonous, yet None Dare Call It Treason !!! 
Famous Ryan Quotes on Women! -Hey Girl!

Some Ryan Family History ...
PAUL RYAN's MOTHER's BROTHER (Ryan's Uncle) is MORNING JOE'S Mike Barnicle's Cardiologist - Click
PAUL RYAN's MOTHER's - Elizabeth A. Hutter (Maiden Name). Was born in August 1934. Graduated University of Wisconsin class of 1956 - La Crosse WI - Pic Available but it costs! - Click
PAUL RYAN's MOTHER's BROTHER Dr Adolph Hutter Mass General Hospital Cardiologist - Click
PAUL RYAN's NET WORTH - 124th Wealthiest Member of the House! - Click
PAUL RYAN's FATHER Paul Murray Ryan 1931-1986 Lawyer Liked Bratwurst & Beer! Liked to OVER INDULGED! Died from to Many! A Brats & Beer Heart Attack 
PAUL RYAN's BIOGRAPHY Listed on U.S. House Site
RYAN's FAMILY TREE A Brief Look at Paul Ryan's Family Tree - Click
More on PAUL RYAN's FAMILY TREE - Irish German Ancestry - All the Trees Are the Right Height! - Click
PAUL RYAN's MOTHER's WEDDING ANNOUCEMENT - From University of Wisconsin Alumni News - Click
RYAN's GRANDMOTHER Edith Irene McCarthy 1897-1983
RYAN's GRANDFATHER Stanley Martin Ryan lawyer 1898-1957 was in Who Was Who in America!
Romney says Trust Me ...

Consumer advocacy group says GOP RYAN Budget Plan would cost states $2.7 Trillion Dollars